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cPVC Pipes And Fittings
CPVC Pipes and Fittings which are used for potable water distribution, corrosive fluid handling in industry, and fire suppression systems. These fittings are high-temperature plastic pressure piping system introduced for potable plumbing. These fittings are also used for many industrial and process piping applications.
uPVC Pipes And Fittings
UPVC Pipes and Fittings which are used for all plumbing purposes in residential & commercial buildings. These are used for the majority of plastic pipes in the world, as it is incredibly resistant to chemical erosion and has smoother inner walls that help to encourage water flow.
SWR Pipes And Fittings
SWR Pipes and Fittings which are used for soil, waste and rain water management. These products are lightweight and easy to install. These pipes & fittings are used for non-pressure plumbing applications that discharge wastewater without leakage. These pipes are used for soil, waste and rain water management.
Cpvc Pipes
CPVC, is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin, which is significantly more flexible and can withstand higher temperatures. This has fuelled high demand for cost effective, reliable, quality piping and plumbing systems. This must deliver on factors like long term costs, reliability, versatility, environmental effect, drinking water safety and public health.
Brass Ferrule
Brass Ferrule can also be used in woodwork to secure a chisel blade to the wooden handle and they're often found on walking sticks or pool cues. The nut exerts pressure on the ferrule sides as it is being threaded onto the pipe to be joined, and compresses the ferrule onto the pipe.
Brass Forged Valve
Brass Forged Valve is easy to joint for air piping and pneumatic tools directly, designed for residential, commercial use with water, oil or gas. The ball valve, along with butterfly and plug valves, is part of the quarter-turn valve family. This valve is known for reliable, bubble-tight sealing.
PVC Faucet
Introducing our PVC Faucet, a long-lasting and fashionable plumbing solution. This faucet combines utility and modern style with precision. The PVC construction promotes endurance by making it corrosion and wear resistant. Our PVC Faucet is a dependable and aesthetically beautiful solution for your kitchen or bathroom.

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